Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Shower Hearts

Here's the last cookie I made for the wedding shower last week.  I was asked to make hearts with the bride and groom's name, which really stressed me out.  I wasn't so sure I could consistently write the names on that many hearts to my liking.  It's hard to do pretty writing on cookies.  So when she brought me the invitation, I saw a pretty design on the top of the invitation that I thought would work well on the heart.  I was also given some creative license, so I thought that as long as it was pretty, she wouldn't mind.  Here's the design:

I made my own stencil of the pretty curvy design and used a marker to draw it onto the cookie, which I used as a guide to pipe it in brown icing.  I also decided that in order to ensure fancy writing, I would use royal icing transfers.  I made a ton, which was good because a lot of them broke since the lines are very thin.  So in the end, it was still a lot of work, and it may have even been easier to just write the names on a plain brown heart, but I like how they turned out.  And she said she'd order cookies from me again, so she must have liked them, right?
And here's the whole order:


Grant and Vicki said...

Fantastic! Way to go Debbie!