Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Cookies (Sanity Sunday)

Yesterday I chose to spend my baking time trying out a lot of the Easter cookie cutters I've bought but never used.  I only started this cookie obsession last Fourth of July, so this was my first shot at Easter cookies.  I found this cute sort of wonky flower shape at Target.  Cute, right?

I cannot for the life of me keep my flower centers from sinking in, even when I use thicker icing.  Oh well.  I think I'm now beyond trying to fix it and calling it intentional. 
And I think I saw this design on Sugarbelle, but I can't remember.  I got lazy with the orange and tried to use a toothpick (I had heard this tip from other cookiers) since I needed so little orange.  So the beaks look awful, but next time, when it's for an order, I'll pipe it on properly.
My animals all have blue eyes because, again, I was lazy and didn't want to make and bag black icing.  It works, right?
And it might surprise some, but I don't think the Easter bunny actually has anything to do with the real reason for Easter.


Kenni said...

These are fun! I haven't gotten around to playing with my Easter cutters yet.

Cookie Girl said...

Very Cute!

LilaLoa said...

I LOVE your side view chickies! And that white flower with the yellow center is SO eye catching!

I think the key with the toothpick decorating is that the icing needs to be on the thin side, and you have to kind of shake the glob off before "drawing" with the rest of it. (I don't actually know if that makes any sense at all.)

SparrowApril said...

Your butterflies are beautiful & I love the chicks peeking out of the eggs.