Monday, February 28, 2011

Photography Themed Cookies

This is the second part of the wedding shower cookies.  The bride is into photography, so I made camera and filmstrip cookies.  I found a few examples of camera cookies on flickr, so I kind of picked and chose which details I liked and added some new ones of my own. I used a royal icing transfer for the camera lens so that it would be more 3D.  I didn't have a camera cookie cutter (is there one out there?), so I just used a rectangle and rounded the corners with my fingers.  Then I added a tiny rectangle for the flash and rounded it out as well. 

It was raining the morning I had to take pictures, so as hard as it usually is to get proper lighting in our home, it was impossible that morning.  But you get the idea.  For the filmstrip, I used a flag cookie cutter and cut off the pole (an idea given to me by a fellow cookier).  The wedding's colors are browns, so I filled the frames boxes with alternating chocolate brown and ivory.  They looked a little too much like a flag though, so I added some hearts, which seemed to help.


cookies and cups said...

Love that camera!!