Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chocolate-Covered Mint Patties (St. Patrick's Day Version)

These were very spur of the moment, which is pretty much a rarity for me.  Since I do most of my baking during my little guy's naps, I usually plan everything out in advance so I can get as much in as I can before he wakes up.  But I guess I was feeling spontaneous yesterday.  And my husband was home, so that makes it easier to make a sweet treat when I get the whim.

Today we're having lunch with my baby's honorary grandparents, and all they wanted us to bring was chips and drinks.  I felt like I needed to bring a little something extra for them, but not something so big that it trumps the dessert they said they'd provide.  And honorary grandma can't eat gluten, which limits the possibilities since, apparently, everything I make has gluten.  Except for these babies:

These are my chocolate-covered mint patties.  I decided to try something new (man, I was spontaneous today!), so instead of the usual peppermint extract, I tried some wintergreen flavoring.  They tasted good, but I think we both prefer the peppermint.   Actually, my favorite version is when I make it with raspberry extract instead of mint...yum!  Anyway, of course I had to make the filling green for Saint Patrick's Day, because as I mentioned last time, they love the holiday.


Grant and Vicki said...

You made my day! Loved playing with my honorary grandbaby and it's always a pleasure to visit with the parents, too!

You're work is amazing, Debbie! Gluten-free, deliciously perfect St. Patty's day mints! I don't think I am going to share these! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!!!