Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pretty Flower Cookies (Just For Fun)

I was suffering from a bit of cookie burnout so I took the month of April off from cookies.  I finally got back to the kitchen last week though and made some flower cookies just for fun.  It's so much more fun making cookies when it's just for fun and I get to do whatever I want. :)  And it's fun to give them away to people we like who need some cookie love.

All of these designs were inspired by scrapbook paper.



Cookie Swap ~ The Giving Tree

Last month I had the privilege in participating in a cookie swap with many of my cookier friends.  We were supposed to make cookies based on our favorite children's book.  I chose The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  He was one of my favorite authors as a kid.  These cookies were sent to my friend Jennifer at One Kookie Cookie.

I tried a new technique for these cookies and I really liked the way they turned out.

And a close up of this one because it was my favorite.

Pretty Pattern Easter Cookies

I just love this pattern so much that I had to put it on some Easter cookies.

Hats and Teapots, Gingham, and Popcorn

Hi everyone.  I know that I haven't been posting here very much, which has been due to a combination of being way too busy, illness, and a little bit of laziness.  I have been posting on facebook though, so if you're sad that you haven't seen my cookies very much here, you can probably find some new cookie posts there.

I made these cookies a couple of months ago for an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.  I just love the colors!


 I made these for a baby shower.  Super simple pink gingham, but that's what they wanted...

And I made these cookies for my son for his 4th birthday.  He loves his popcorn! I also entered these in Lilaloa's photography challenge.  I used a different color background and a prop.  I tried...