Friday, March 18, 2011

Cookies for My Little Monkey

These cookies are for my little boy, who turns 2 today!  So of course I had to make my precious little monkey some cookies.  But before I show you these cookies, I have to show you pictures from two years ago.  My heart just melted when I went through the pictures on my computer to figure out which ones I wanted to post. 

Let me just tell you that those baggie clothes on him in that last picture, those were preemie clothes.  Next time you pass the baby clothes in a store, look at the preemie outfits.  They're teeny tiny!
Ok, ok.  I know this is a cookie blog and those of you who don't know me and my little guy are ready for the cookies already.  Here you go:
This was my first time using my brand new kopykake, so I think I need to practice with it a bit, but I was happy enough with how they turned out.  I used the image from these napkins.

And this is my sweetest creation yet.
That smile is kind of scary with the blue, no?  And I've titled the next one "Don't touch my cookie."
Happy Birthday, Little Monkey!


Samantha said...

Great job Can't wait to ee what else you can do with it! I have to confess, I've only used mine once since it arrived :(
Thought I'd use it everyday, but so many orders are just the simple things :)

Kenni said...

OMG!! He was so tiny! Those cookies came out wonderfully, I'm jealous of your KopyKake. I hope your little guy had a great day!

Sonja said...

Awww, happy birthday, W.! It's incredible how fast these little boys are growing up.

Sonja said...

Oh, and the cookies are nice too. :-)

LilaLoa said...

Wow -- nice job with the KK! These are SO cute! And I think my heart just skipped a beat with those pictures of his teeny tiny baby self. Oh, so tiny and precious!