Monday, October 31, 2011

Ladybug Cookies

Sorry I didn't share anything last week.  I try to keep consistent with at least a post a week, but the macarons I worked on last weekend were macawrongs.  It was a new recipe, and even when I tried out different baking techniques on each sheet, all of them were lopsided.  Weird, right?  They were so ugly that I didn't even bother making a filling for them.  My toddler still enjoyed munching on them though.

Anyway, I did have an order last week for ladybug cookies for a baby shower.  I made them to match the invitation.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Macarons with Pumpkin Italian Meringue Buttercream

In order to show you that not all of my creations turn out perfectly (in case any of you actually thought they did), I have kind of an embarrassing admission to make.  When I first started making macarons and posting pictures of them here, I told you guys I had never actually had one before, but they looked right, tasted great, and the texture was how the book described it.  Well, last week I came upon this blog post and learned that they aren't supposed to have a large air pocket between the top and the bottom of the shell.  How was I to know?  Of all the books and all the blogs that teach you how to make macarons, I haven't seen a single cross section of one until now.  Here I was thinking I was doing it right, and apparently not so much.  I'm pretty sure the reason was that I was overmixing the batter, but to be fair, the book I was using actually told me to mix it really well and then deflate the batter with a dough scraper, and the picture in it showed a thinner batter. 

So yesterday I gave Ms. Humble's recipe a try and things went much better.  And I got to use my blendtec to grind my almonds, and it did an amazing job.  It blended the almonds much finer and much quicker than the food processor.  For the filling, I decided to try a new recipe for pumpkin Italian meringue buttercream. 

And here's a cross section.  Other than one random larger bubble on the bottom shell,  it looks much closer to what it's supposed to look like!

Monday, October 10, 2011

More OMAO Cookies and A New Cookie Cutter

A few weeks ago, I fell in love with a sort of plaque cookie shape that I found on Pinterest and have been searching all over the internet trying to find the cookie cutter.  I emailed the person who made the cookie to find out where the got it, or if the cookie was hand-cut, but the person never responded.  Since I couldn't find it anywhere, I thought I'd try that make-your-own-cookie-cutter kit again.  I found a bunch of objects around the house to use to shape it, but (shocker!) it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  So after a few minutes, my wonderful husband took over (without even being asked!) and made me a cutter.  It was a really tough one to do and the metal snapped in half on him a couple of times, but he just kept going and connected the pieces of metal with double sided tape.  It didn't look perfect, but I was pretty sure that once the cookies were baked and iced it would definitely work.

A couple of weeks ago I had another order for OMAO mayo jar cookies, so I thought I'd try the cutter out using leftover dough.  I decided to make a thank you cookie for the lady who ordered the cookies.  I thought the shape turned out pretty well in the end!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Owl Cookies for a Baby Shower

This is the other order I had last weekend.  The order was for owl cookie favors for a last minute baby shower for some friends of my husband's family.  I was asked to make the owl cookies based on some that Sweetopia did awhile ago.  I did change things up a little bit by using slighly different colors on the wings and belly, and using a different technique on the belly feathers.  After a long week and decorating all these cookies, I was too exhausted to attend the shower, but I was told that everyone loved them.

And here's a picture of my dining room table with both orders.  Needless to say, we ate dinner in the living room on TV trays that night.

And this picture was taken after I had already cleaned up all the piping bags, bottles, and icing containers that also littered the table.