Sunday, May 1, 2011

Star Wars Cookies

My husband's birthday was last weekend, but it kind of got trumped by Easter, so we celebrated this weekend instead.  I got some new Star Wars vehicles cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma a little while ago, but had yet to play with them.  Man, were they a pain in the butt!  They're supposed to stamp the image onto the cookie, but it's pretty tricky to get a good image without the dough sticking into the stamp.  They needed quite a few colors mixed up, so I got lazy and decided to try only making one consistency of icing instead of using thicker icing to outline and detail and thinner icing to flood.  It was less time consuming, but the finer details didn't turn out so much.  But here are the ones that turned out.

Can you tell I liked the Death Stars?


Matt said...

These looked and tasted great!! You really impressed me and my friends.

Thanks for the birthday treat, darling!

Gregory silvius said...

I Love the look of your star wars cookies! They are my favorite :-)