Monday, May 9, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Cookies

Last Monday I found out that it was teacher appreciation week, so I thought it would be fun to do something special for the people at my little guy's preschool.  After searching many craft blogs to figure out something to do for them, with such little time I thought I'd stick with a tried and true gift:  cookies.  I wanted to keep it simple, so I just did mini apple cookies, with just a little bit of variation.

I used a tiny fluted circle cutter to cut out the bites.  And I got to use my Cricut to make some cute little tags.  I had to take the pictures on a very gloomy morning, so it was impossible to get good coloring on the pictures.  One of these days I'll actually go so far as getting a little lightbox so that the colors look better, but I really know nothing about photography and I have way too many hobbies to take on another one right now. 

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day!  Here's a picture of me and my little guy.  He was a bit too busy to stay still for some pictures, and this was actually as good as we could get.  Oh well.  There are so few pictures of me and my little guy (I'm usually the one behind the camera), so this will have to do.


April said...

Your cookies came out adorable, I love the idea of using the fluted cutter for the bite, I have those!

I'm in the same boat, I'm always the one holding the camera. Happy (belated) Mother's Day1