Thursday, May 26, 2011

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (AKA What To Do With Leftover Egg Yolks)

I really hate it when a recipe only calls for a half an egg, so I always try to find another recipe that calls for the other half.  Last time I made macarons, I made creme brulee, but that calls for 8 egg yolks and the macarons only need 5 whites, so I'm still left with 3 egg whites to waste.  However, last week I happened to find an ice cream recipe that calls for 5 egg yolks, which worked out perfectly.  Salted caramel ice cream.  I have to say that this was the best ice cream I have ever had...ever... including store-bought and homemade.  It was absolutely delicious, and it had the perfect ice cream texture.  Often times homemade ice cream is either too soft or it freezes hard and icy, but this ice cream was smooth and creamy without being melty.  Click here for the link to the original recipe.

I'm in trouble though because my husband now expects me to make this ice cream every week...but he also said that when I made homemade bagels and he hasn't held me to it.  Although he did convince me to make it again this weekend...


Grant and Vicki said...

We'll be right over!! :)