Monday, May 14, 2012

Turquoise and Red Train Cookies - Updated

Last week I had someone request the same cookies I had made a long time ago (click here to see those).  When I went back to look at those cookies though, I decided that I wanted to update them a bit since I was still quite a beginner when I made them (not that I'm a pro now or anything).  She specifically asked for those cookies though, so I didn't want to change them too much.

I decided to use a new technique on the window that I learned from Montreal Confections where she paints thin icing on the bare cookie.  I think I need to practice the technique a bit more, but I thought it gave the windows some nice definition.  I also added the minis and the train track cookies to kind of round out the platter.  I don't usually do platters, but I really enjoyed Maryann's session on platters during Spring Fling.  So, this was my first real attempt at a platter.  What do you think?


Matt said...

The platter was very cute with all the little cookies that tied together the theme.

The BearFoot Baker said...

Cutest Trains I have ever seen! Love the aqua and blue!

The BearFoot Baker said...

OK- I am still asleep this morning! I meant to say, "I love the aqua and RED!" LOL

Debbie said...

Thanks, Lisa!