Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AWANA Themed Cookies

Here is the order that made me officially decide to charge more for character cookies!  I always go back and forth.  I hate to nickel and dime people, but character and logo cookies take so much longer to make!  And they usually require a lot of colors. 

I have some soccer cookies I made recently that I'll share with you soon and then I have a cookie break, thank goodness!  My son was nice enough to share his cold with both me and my husband over the last couple of weeks.  I was feeling a little better when I made these cookies, but the effort of it (it was a pretty large order) made me relapse, giving me the gift of an eye and ear infection.  (I seriously haven't had an ear infection since I was a kid!  I didn't think adults ever got ear infections.)  So a cookie break is pretty necessary so that I can actually kick this bug's butt.

Oh, and I broke down and bought an airbrush a couple of weeks ago but I still haven't had a chance to play with it yet and it's killing me!  When I heard that the Duff airbrush at Michael's is the same one that a lot of cookie decorators use but only under a different name, I decided to cave in since it was a lot more reasonably priced with a 50% off coupon.  Hopefully soon I'm have the energy to play around with it.


Jaclyn's Cookies said...

These turned out great! I completely agree with you about charging more for cookies like this. I had the same revelation after doing some Simpsons cookies until 3 am one day. They are so time consuming and stressful! Hope you feel better soon!

Mmayhugh said...

They turned out great!