Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cookies For My Little Cookie Monster

My little boy turns 3 today!  For his first couple of birthdays we went with a monkey theme (see here), but since I've started decorating cookies, I've found that my biggest fan is my son (although he doesn't care about how they're decorated, just how they taste).  We live in a small apartment, so when I have orders I usually just extend our dining room table so that the cookies can dry on one side of the table while we eat at the other end.  I usually try to hide them though because he will not stop whining until he gets a cookie.  He has actually skipped dinner before because we wouldn't give him a cookie.  So between his obsession with my cookies and his newfound love for Sesame Street, I decided to make him cookie monster cookies for his birthday. 

I also used my large square plaque cutter to make a subway art cookie with all of the nicknames we've used for my son over the years.

Happy Birthday, Will!