Monday, September 12, 2011

Boring Almond Cookies and A New Toy

I don't have any fancy cookies to share today, just some regular, ordinary cookies.  A good friend of mine called me the other day and siad that she knows someone who wants a ton of almond flavored cookies around Christmas.  It's not a definite order at all, but I saw a recipe for some almond shortbread cookies in one of my cookbooks (Pastry Queen Parties) and I thought I'd see if they were any good.

They were tasty, but I think I prefer my regular sugar cookies with the addition of almond extract.

A couple of weeks ago I also got a new toy for my kitchen.  I've very slowly been working on replacing my less than stellar kitchen appliances with ones that actually work well, and I finally broke down and bought my dream blender, the Blendtec.  I've been wanting it forever, but it's pretty expensive.  So a few weeks ago, since the value of gold is so high right now, I traded in some old gold jewelry that I never wear and got more than enough to pay for the blender.  So after that I didn't feel quite so bad about spending that kind of money on it. 

This thing is amazing.  We've seriously used it at least once a day.  My husband and I used to always get smoothies from Jamba Juice but we stopped because they were getting so expensive.  I found a bunch of Jamba Juice recipes on Top Secret Recipes and we've literally made a smoothie every single day.  And the kid loves watching it go.  He was born with a moderate hearing loss, so I think he gets a kick out of how loud it is.  I can't wait to see how finely I can grind almonds with this thing the next time I make macarons!