Monday, January 3, 2011

The First Post

So I was complaining to my husband that I was sad that I didn't have any friends that shared my passion for baking, cake and cookie decorating.  I've been following lots of cookie decorating blogs for a little while now, and I told him that as sad as it was, that would pretty much have to suffice.  He told me in his matter of fact way that I've been following so many blogs lately, but I couldn't really make friends with other bloggers unless I too had a blog.  So here it is.  I've made the dreaded blog.  I didn't think I'd ever be one of those people.  I have been learning how to decorate sugar cookies since last summer, and my skills have improved quite a bit, and it'll be nice to document all of my baking projects. 

This past month, I got my first paying order to make all the desserts for a Christmas party.  People liked my desserts so much that they actually paid me for them!  Can you imagine?  Then a couple of weeks later, some of the girls who were at the Christmas party I catered ordered some more cookies and candies.  So now I'm seriously going to try to turn this hobby into a business.  As tiring as it was making all those desserts while taking care of a family (mainly my little toddler),  it was really fun.  It's amazing to get paid to do what you really love.  I've never experienced that feeling at any of the jobs I've had.

Soon I'll add pictures.  I'll start with my first attempts at sugar cookies and then my latest ones.  Hopefully you can see the improvement.