Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cupcake Bites

My husband informed me that there are some fans out there of cupcake bites and that I had to do a post on them.  Cupcake Bites (also known as cake balls) are essentially just cake crumbs mixed with frosting and covered in chocolate candy coating.  I like to make mine in the form of little cupcakes, hence the name "cupcake bites."  Also, as someone told my husband, that name sounds much more appetizing than "cake balls," and I totally agree.  I've made them several times, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures until the last time, as part of my first order.  My husband took the mess-ups to work the next day and people went nuts over them (or so I was told).

It's not a great picture.  Next time I make some I'll have to make sure I get some better ones.