Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Color Chart

I got to meet up with friend Kris from So Cute Cookies last week and she gave me the great idea to test out my gel colors.  I have the hardest time getting good pinks and greens and because of that, I've bought every different one of them I could find.  But I don't really use them because they all give such different results.  So Kris showed me how she tested out different blue colors in various shades and I knew I had to try it with my colors. 

So I took some leftover white icing and colored tiny amounts of it until I ran out.  I got through most of my colors.  The only colors I didn't really get to were the reds, browns, and blacks.  Oh, and leaf green. 

So here's what I ended up with.  Now you all probably know how hard it is to get colors to come out right in cookie photos.  I adjusted the photo the best I could and then Georganne of LilaLoa was kind enough to try to get the coloring better.  So she tinkered with the white balance and here it is:

*(A) is for Americolor and (W) is for Wilton
*Both columns are the same color, the right column just has more gel color added.

The pinks and purples are a bit off, but you get the point.  Not only will this be helpful when I need to match a color (I can just hold the samples up to this and find the best match), but I learned a lot.

For instance, Americolor violet and Wilton violet are really different.  Americolor is much bluer.  Ever since I found Americolor, I've kind of abandoned my Wilton gel colors, but I think Wilton violet is now my favorite purple.

Also, I can't tell the difference between teal and turquoise.  They look exactly the same.  Same with cornflower blue and navy.  And moss green and juniper green.  And sky blue and electric blue.  So if you're just starting out and building up your gel color collection, just pick one of each of those and you'll be good.


Jaclyns Cookies said...

This was an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing it!

Brenda O'Oconnor said...

Thank you for this demo! What is the second column? Same color just more food coloring added?

Dana said...

Hi Debbie! Great post! Thanks so much for sharing your icing color chart! I love seeing the actual colored icing samples!

Silvia Jacinto said...

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Diana Payne said...

What Wilton colors did u use for the gold?

Diana Payne said...

What Wilton colors did u use for the gold?

Fillip Kirkorov said...

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