Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swim Party Cookies

A couple of weeks ago I made some cookies for a little girl's swim-themed birthday party.  I didn't have a swim fin cookie cutter (not sure if there is one), so I trimmed a candy corn cutter and used a flower petal to trim the bottom part.



Jackie@The Cookie Corner AZ said...

Your cookies are beautiful! They're always so perfectly done!

Cookie Friend (Diane) said...

Love the color combination, the flowers on the flip flops and your creative swim fins. Great job.

Michelle - Sweet P's said...

Gosh, these are sooo cute! The colors are great!

Cookie Friend (Diane) said...

Hi Debbie,
Are you still blogging? Have you joined Cookie Connection? I try to follow you on FB, but I do not find the site user friendly and seems to be more for the business end of decorating. I'm planning some cookies for a friend's birthday and I was wondering if I can use your design? I do not want to purchase a cutter because I only plan to make a few. If permission is granted, I will give credit to you for the design, so do you want me to link to FB or your blog?

Debbie said...

Hi Diane! I'm not as good at keeping up my blog as much but I try to update it when I find time. I am on cookie connection but I really haven't found the time to explore it yet while my son is out of school. You can definitely use the design. Thanks for asking! You can link to my Facebook page. I get much more traffic there. Thanks!