Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Fling Cookie Pictures

For Spring Fling we were asked to bring two Kentucky themed cookies.  I wasn't planning on doing them because we didn't find out about it until a couple of weeks beforehand and I had orders one week and the next week I was busy getting ready to abandon my family for 4 days.  But my husband talked me into it.  He asked me what the first thing was that I thought of when I think of Kentucky, and since I don't really know much about Kentucky, I said KFC.  It seemed a little lame, but he told me to go with it.  So I made one cookie of the colonel:

And for the second cookie I did some drumsticks by repurposing a carrot cookie cutter. I didn't have brown sanding sugar on hand so I colored it with food coloring gels and I used different sizes for added texture. 

At Spring Fling, Maryann aka the Cookie Artisan arranged everyone's cookies on platters.

At Spring Fling we only decorated a few cookies.  We were supposed to decorate a mini platter, but we kept going over on time and we prefered to skip decorating our own cookies so that we could hear from all of the instructors instead.  So we decorated a couple of glaze cookies, but mine weren't worth photographing because the icing was a bit too runny and it didn't work out so much.  I did take some pictures of the brush embroidery flowers that I made at camp.

And using Glory's photography tips, I barely had to edit this picture at all.  Due to poor natural lighting in my home, I usually have to edit my pictures quite a bit in order to get the colors to come out right, and even then they aren't always that close (especially purples).  Thanks, Glory!


Janine ( said...

OMG... your drumsticks cookie is too cute!

Nicole (Bellenza Party Suite) said...

Love that pink and blue floral cookies!