Monday, October 31, 2011

Ladybug Cookies

Sorry I didn't share anything last week.  I try to keep consistent with at least a post a week, but the macarons I worked on last weekend were macawrongs.  It was a new recipe, and even when I tried out different baking techniques on each sheet, all of them were lopsided.  Weird, right?  They were so ugly that I didn't even bother making a filling for them.  My toddler still enjoyed munching on them though.

Anyway, I did have an order last week for ladybug cookies for a baby shower.  I made them to match the invitation.


Matt Weidler said...

Cute little bugs. "Macawrongs" ... such a comedian!

Samantha said...

Adorable! These are so cute Debbie!

Amanda said...

These are perfection... great job Debbie!