Monday, August 1, 2011

Graduation and Birthday Cookies

This is the first part of an order for Lorelai, a little girl from my son's preschool (the same one that ordered the other graduation cookies).  Her grandma ordered threes and graduation caps to serve at her graduation/birthday party (once they turn three, they graduate out of the program). 

For at least a few months, Lorelai's signature phrase was "I did it!"  She even said it all the time, even when she didn't actually do anything, but don't tell her that.  So I had to do make a couple of "I did it" cookies.  Of course, I left these to decorate last to make sure I got all the order cookies done, and I was incredibly exhausted after 8 hours straight of cookie decorating, so I chose to just freehand them instead of getting out the kopykake.  So they're not perfect, but I thought they were pretty good for freehand.

Later in the week I'll share some pictures of the favor cookies I did for her hawaiian luau-themed party.