Monday, June 13, 2011

Texas Cookies

My friend Sonja asked me to decorate some Texas cookies for her to take to a party for her brother-in-law, who is moving there.  I kept it simple with Texas flags on Texas-shaped cookies:

And I made some that have a tiny star sprinkle on the city that he's moving to:
And the stars were just a little too plain, so I added some sugar outlines to half of them.


Sonja said...

Thank you again! The cookies were a huge hit at the party! Everyone loved them. :)

Timmi Park said...

Just loving your website and work! Beautiful! I was wondering did you pipe then fill these Texas cookies with 2 different donsistancies or just use one consistancy for all of it. They look awesome!

Debbie said...

Timmi, I do use two consistencies.

Anonymous said...

do you sell these?
I need like six little baskets! it 's for prizes at a meeting.