Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Catch Up Post

I know that I've been terrible about updating the blog, so I'm going to try to do it in one big catch up post.

Last summer, I made these two sets of cookies for the auctions for Moore, OK after the tornados.


Next was some birthday cookies:

And graduation cookies:

Cookies for a lemonade stand to benefit Hope for Haiti:

I used the same technique I used on the Giving Tree cookies for these cookies I made to thank the staff at my son's school:

Cookies for an Alice in Wonderland themed party:

I had a lot of fun making this sushi-themed thank you platter.  I got these shapes using a toast, cupcake, and bird cookie cutter.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a birthday party:

The only Halloween cookies I got around to this year:

Cookies for a science-themed birthday party;

Cookies for Chinese-themed Christmas party. The lantern design is based on Sugarbelle's tutorial (here). I piped the cherry blossoms directly on the cookie and I was really pleased with how they turned out.

And last but not least, here are some minis I made for my son's teachers for Christmas.  I finally broke out my airbrush and some stencils I hadn't tried yet.
Sorry for such a long gap in posts.  I'll try to keep up on it this year!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pretty Flower Cookies (Just For Fun)

I was suffering from a bit of cookie burnout so I took the month of April off from cookies.  I finally got back to the kitchen last week though and made some flower cookies just for fun.  It's so much more fun making cookies when it's just for fun and I get to do whatever I want. :)  And it's fun to give them away to people we like who need some cookie love.

All of these designs were inspired by scrapbook paper.



Cookie Swap ~ The Giving Tree

Last month I had the privilege in participating in a cookie swap with many of my cookier friends.  We were supposed to make cookies based on our favorite children's book.  I chose The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  He was one of my favorite authors as a kid.  These cookies were sent to my friend Jennifer at One Kookie Cookie.

I tried a new technique for these cookies and I really liked the way they turned out.

And a close up of this one because it was my favorite.

Pretty Pattern Easter Cookies

I just love this pattern so much that I had to put it on some Easter cookies.

Hats and Teapots, Gingham, and Popcorn

Hi everyone.  I know that I haven't been posting here very much, which has been due to a combination of being way too busy, illness, and a little bit of laziness.  I have been posting on facebook though, so if you're sad that you haven't seen my cookies very much here, you can probably find some new cookie posts there.

I made these cookies a couple of months ago for an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.  I just love the colors!


 I made these for a baby shower.  Super simple pink gingham, but that's what they wanted...

And I made these cookies for my son for his 4th birthday.  He loves his popcorn! I also entered these in Lilaloa's photography challenge.  I used a different color background and a prop.  I tried...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cowboy Baby Shower Cookies

Last week I made some cookies for a cowboy-themed baby shower. 

I love that font!  It's a pain in the butt to pipe, but it looks so cool!

I usually make a sketch anyway when I'm making a variety of cookies, especially if they're going to match an invitation, but I took a picture of the sketch for you so I can participate in LilaLoa's February challenge.

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Cookie Collaboration

Today I get to share with you that I got to participate in my first cookie collaboration project!  I feel like one of the cool kids now.  Anne of Flour Box Bakery was kind enough to put together a fun project for President's Day.

And I got Abraham Lincoln!  I decided to try my hand at painting again.  What do you think? I also made a few accessory cookies. 


 And here's the collage with all of the presidents:

 I feel so honored to have my cookies in that collage with all those talented ladies!

1) George Washington by Sarah of Sweet Surrender Cookie Co.,    

2)  John Adams  by Nicole of Life’s a Batch

3)  Thomas Jefferson by Sarah of Songbird Sweets

4)  James Madison by Georganne of LilaLoa

5)  James Monroe by Anne of Flour Box Bakery

6)  John Quincy Adams by Liz of Arty McGoo

7)  Andrew Jackson by Tiffany of TheRedCooky

8) Martin Van Buren by Jill of Jill FCS – Funky Cookie Studio

9)  William Henry Harrison by Christina of Sweet C’s Bake Shop

10)  John Tyler by Kim of The Cookie Puzzle

11) James K. Polk  by Debbie of D&T Designs

12) Zachery Taylor by Stephanie of Ellies Bites

13) Millard Fillmore by Melissa of Simply Sweets by Honeybee

14) Franklin Pierce by Kris of So Cute Cookies

15)  James Buchanan
by Lene of Not Your Everyday Cookie

16) Abraham Lincoln by Debbie of Sweet Creations by Debbie

17) Andrew Johnson by Liz of CookiesToGo

18) Ulysses S. Grant  by Rebekah of Love at First Bite

19) Rutherford B. Hayes  by Heather of Twins Plus One Goodies

20) James A. Garfield by Teresa of Sugar T's Cookies

21)  Chester Arthur by Alyse of B.E. Sweet Treats

22) Grover Cleveland  by Kimberly of Barefoot N Baking

23)  Benjamin Harrison by Laurie of Cookie Bliss

24) Grover Cleveland  by Kimberly of Barefoot N Baking

25)  William McKinley by Susan of Sweet Williams Cookies

26)  Theodore Roosevelt by Heather of SugarNosh Treats

27) William Howard Taft by Sarah of Sarah’s Sweet Shoppe

28)  Woodrow Wilson by Cheryl of The Sugared Apron

29)  Warren G. Harding  by Shannon of Artfully Delicious Cookies

30) Calvin Coolidge by Stephanie of Ice My Biscuit

31)   Herbert Hover by Fumie of A+Kake sweets 

32) Franklin D. Roosevelt by Christine of Chris’ Creative Confections

33)  Harry S Truman by Kim of Sugar Rush Custom Cookies

34)  Dwight Eisenhower  by Monica of Cookie Cowgirl

35)   John F. Kennedy by CeCe of The Tactical Bakery

36) Lyndon B. Johnson by Jennifer of One Kookie Cookie

37)  Richard Nixon by Jackie of iBakery

38)   Gerald Ford by Georgeanne of LilaLoa,

39)  Jimmy Carter by Jennifer of One Kookie Cookie

40)  Ronald Reagan by Melissa of The Baked Equation

41) George Bush Sr. by Penny of Lucky Penny Cookies

42)  Bill Clinton by Laurie of Cookie Bliss 

43)  George W. Bush by Sarah of Sarah’s Sweet Shoppe

44)  Barack Obama by Teresa of Sugar T's Cookies

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Cookies

Last week I made cookies for a Little House on the Prairie party. 

I made the gingham using my airbrush and a stencil I made.  I got the idea from Glorious Treats.

This is seriously one of my first pictures where the purple actually looks like purple.  I mentioned last week that I got a light tent.  This was my second time using it and I love it!  I have a hard time getting good natural light in our apartment, so I'm really glad I finally gave in and bought it.  Hopefully my photos will be much better from now on.

Oh, and one last thing.  Last month I entered my black and white pattern cookies in LilaLoa's contest and she listed my cookies as one of her favorites!  You can see that post here